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Senior Appointments Committee

This page lists the meetings for Senior Appointments Committee.


Information about Senior Appointments Committee

The role of the Senior Appointments Committee


Matters Delegated for Decision


To deal with recruitment to the post of Chief Executive and to recommend a selected applicant to Council for appointment


To recruit and appoint Directors.


To suspend the Chief Executive, Directors, the Monitoring Officer or Section 151 Chief Finance Officer whilst an investigation takes place into alleged misconduct.


To take disciplinary action against any of those Officers listed in paragraph 3 in accordance with a recommendation in a report made by a designated independent person.


To consider, and if necessary, recommend to Council to dismiss or terminate the employment of the Chief Executive.


To dismiss Directors, the Monitoring Officer and the Chief Finance Officer.


Matters Reserved to Council


To approve appointments to the post of Chief Executive.

To dismiss or terminate the employment of the Chief Executive.


The full terms of reference for this committee can be read here